Holistic Weight Loss Resources
by Robert Lutz, L.Ac., LMT, Diplomate of Oriental Medicine

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Holistic Weight Loss Resources

Wheat Belly

Wheat Belly – William Davis, MD

Cardiologist Dr. William Davis suggests that eating wheat and wheat products causes numerous health problems, including unsightly, distended midsections. Based on this conclusion, he advocates a wheat free lifestyle. This book provides a guide for a life without wheat, including a step by step plan for eliminating wheat from your diet.

Wheat Belly Slim

Wheat Belly Slim Guide – William Davis, MD

A portable quick reference guide for eliminating wheat from your daily diet. A handy companion for the kitchen or food shopping, this guide contains recipes, lists of wheat free foods, carb counting guides and dieting tips. 7 day menu plan and top 10 recipes. Shopping lists, pantry favorites and much more!

Feed Your Tiger

Feed Your Tiger – Letha Hadady, D.Ac.

Blending Chinese and Western approaches, this book categories energy types by Qigong-inspired categories. The book provides menus for each energy type, while also recommending supplements and tea. The book does recommend plenty of whole grains, so those avoiding grains / eating gluten free may desire to look elsewhere.

A Natural Guide to Weight Loss That Lasts

A Natural Guide to Weight Loss That Lasts – Nan Lu, O.M.D., M.S., L.Ac. with Ellen Schaplow

This book outlines a 6 week program for reaching and maintaining your optimum weight. It is a holistic approach that focuses on the individual rather than calorie counting, food restrictions, or intense exercise. Instead, it focuses on using food as a healing tool. Includes recipes, suggestions for healing supplements, and movements.

Chinese Medicine & Healthy Weight Management

Chinese Medicine & Healthy Weight Management – Juliette Aiyana L.Ac. Dipl. Ac.

Blending Traditional Chinese Medicine with western science, this book is aimed at practitioners but is written in a manner that makes it accessible to all. Provides advice for multiple good health parameters, including weight loss and management, eating for better health and more energy.

Grain Brain

Grain Brain – David Perlmutter, MD

A neuroscientist outlines the effects of sugar, wheat and carbohydrates on the human brain, including dementia, ADHD, epilepsy, and chronic headaches. 4 week plan with recipes and strategies to improve the health of your brain and body.

Grain Brain Whole Life Plan

The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan – David Perlmutter & Kristin Loberg

This book provides new, science-based information regarding the benefits of increasing dietary fat, reducing carbohydrate intake, and feeding your microbiome. Includes advice for overcoming common challenges and other areas of health such as sleep hygiene, stress management, and exercise.

Zero Sugar Diet

Zero Sugar Diet: The 14-Day Plan to Flatten Your Belly, Crush Cravings and Help Keep You Lean For Life – David Zinczenko

This book advocates for replacing empty calories of sugar with nutrient-rich ones. It provides grocery lists and recipes for 2 weeks’ worth of zero-sugar breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Healing With Whole Foods

Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions & Modern Nutrition – Paul Pitchford

A comprehensive guide on the theory and healing power of Chinese medicine. Provides tips for mitigating the harms caused by modern life. The author advocates a diet without alcohol, fried food, white flour, sugar or caffeine. Includes over 300 recipes.

Natural Alternatives to Nexium Maalox Tagamet Prilosec & Other Acid Blockers

Natural Alternatives to Nexium, Maalox, Tagament, Prilosec & Other Acid Blockers: What to Use to Relieve Acid Reflux, Heartburn & Gastric Ailments – Martie Whittekin

Research of the root causes of reflux. The author focuses on the causes of gastric issues, rather than simply addressing only their symptoms. Many readers attest that they have been able to cease using drug-based therapies after following recommendations in this book.

Spiritual Solution to Every Problem

There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem – Wayne W. Dyer

This book seeks for readers to use spiritual problem solving in their own lives. Drawing from traditions around the world, he encourages you to disconnect from the material world in favor of the divine within yourself. Dyer seeks for readers to place their energy into what they are for, rather than against, to achieve greater spiritual harmony.

Folk Medicine

Folk Medicine – D. C. Jarvis, M.D.

A classic book outlining the folk medicine practices in early Vermont. Includes the benefits of honey, apple cider vinegar, and kelp for treating and managing various ailments.